Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns
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  • We will deliver the color for you according to inventory on hand.
  • Flight height: up to 1000m (approx), Duration: 10-12 min (approx)
  • Made from superior quality, flame retardant paper, Safe and easy to use

Sky Lanterns are one of the most beautiful things a dark sky can be decorated with. Sky Lanterns can come into your aid for any type of celebrations. It is by far eco friendly when compared to crackers. The Sky lanterns which are available in dhamkastore are made of thick paper and a fat candle. these are to be opened up carefully, the candle which is attached to the strings is lit fully. The principle behind this item is that the hot air which is filled inside the lantern is lighter. The lighter air tends to go higher in the air, which lifts the lantern high.

Lanterns today are not only used during Diwali,they have found application in other events as well. Birthday celebrations are one such events. Surprising the birthday boy or girl in the night has  been the trend lately. After the party the lantern are released into the sky, which goes miles up in the air. Wedding is another occasion for lanterns. They are used when the bride leaves the wedding Hall with the bridegroom once the ceremony is done.

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