Standard Speed 100 shots firecracker

Standard Speed 100 shots firecracker

  • ₹ 2,815
  • Save - ₹ 6,685

Standard Sun Flower that propels a 100 Shots of aerial shell, comet or mine effects into the air from collectively attached tubes. Buy lowest Standard Fireworks 100 Shots crackers Online with FREE SHIPPING and CASH/CARD ON DELIVERY at throughout Karnataka. 

100 shot crackers is the trademark of big celebrations. It shows the richness of the celebration. These crackers come under the category of cakes. The cakes are crackers which are widespread and have flat bottom.

The cake consists of 100 individual slots combined together by a wire which lites them all. When the person lites the cracker,the firing is at the middle of the cracker. The firing simultaneously goes to both the ends of the cake. The idea here is to light two slots at a time. The combined effect results in a beautifully lit sky.

The base of the cake is 50cm wide and 10cm in breadth. Every slot is about 15cm in height. The height to which the crackers reach its about 80 feet from the place of launching. The price of a  100 shot cakes in will be in the price range of 2000 to 7000. This festival season celebrate Diwali in a grand fashion. Every firework of this type goes on for a time period of about 15 minutes.

The main reason for buying 100 shots firecrackers from our website is that, the sale is year long. The same discount can be availed all throughout the year. Statistics show that this product has a market for the entire year. There are several reasons which can be attributed for this fact . The main reason is weddings. The weddings in India are a big deal. Fireworks has a special place in the celebrations. 100 shots is a  prime choice. Other areas where such crackers are used are during birthday celebrations, naming ceremony, and ganesha chaturthi.

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