- Lord Buddha Standing Statue with stone finish

Handicraft- - Lord Buddha Standing Statue with stone finish

  • ₹ 3,000
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This is a unique limited edition statue of Lord Buddha. In this statue Lord Buddha is seen as standing and has different hand gestures. The right hand is showing 'Abhaya Mudra' or the gesture of fearlessness/protection and blessing. The left hand is shown in an uncommon 'Akash Mudra' or the sky posture/gesture. In this gesture the thumb and the middle finger form a ring whereas the other fingers are stretched outside. The gesture can be made with the fingers pointing either towards the earth or the sky. This gesture is used to bring the balance between the inner you and the outer yourself by practicing and making the space available for both. As the sky has no limit similarly the inner-self and the outer-self of one has no limits either, hence the name 'Akash Mudra'.

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