About us

Dhamaka Store is an e-commerce company designed to become the market leader in Web-based sales of all kind Products and Services. The company is located in Bangalore. Although many Internet companies have recently failed, the Internet is still poised to support e-commerce business. Most of the dot-coms failed because of access to capital with an unproven business model and no true revenue streams. Dhamaka Store will overcome these problems with an easy to use website and an efficient distribution system.

The majority of the start-ups which were Internet-based started their business model on the assumption that the first to market had the best chances of survival. This reasoning was based on the belief that gaining customers and market share were the most important things a business could do and the first to market had the best chance of achieving this. While these are indeed important activities, they are by no means the absolute priority. The whole technology fallout indicates that a proven revenue-generating business model is more important than sheer customers and market share.


Dhamaka Store’s Mission and Vision

Quality is always the first priority of Dhamaka Store. Our objective being fulfilling the customers’ needs with the right choice of product at the best available price, Dhamaka Store is bound to be a favourite online shopping site for millions. We believe in proceeding and improving through customer satisfaction and hence strive hard to bring the best quality products for our esteemed consumers. 

Benefits at Dhamaka Store Online Shopping

1. Open to partnerships- Besides customers, sellers/businessmen can easily partner with      us with a view to maximize their business profit and have a great platform to advertise or   highlight their commodities. 

2. High product quality-As mentioned above, we are very particular and concerned about the quality of products we sell and never compromise on this factor.

3. Low cost-This is one of the biggest factors why more customers are being attracted to Dhamaka Store. Our shopping store deals with many offers and sales which would help you fetch your favorite item at an amazingly low cost. 

4. User friendly customer support-Having some confusion or problem regarding our products? We are always there to guide you and fix your problem.

5. Returns, replacements and cancellations- We have easy return policies. All types of returns, replacements and cancellations,subjected to certain terms and conditions, are facilitated at Dhamaka Store.

6. Free Cash On Delivery available-Home deliveries at Dhamaka Store are boosted up with the free COD facility. Our consumers who wish to pay during the delivery of the product we have made Cash On Delivery (COD) an easy option to be availed.

7. Product information For each of the available products we have added description and detailed specification which gives you a thorough understanding of the item.

8. Combo offers-Some of the best online shopping combo deals are being offered by Dhamaka Store. You can get a combination of products at a cost much lower than the total cost of the products. 

Payment Methods

Dhamaka Store facilitates two basic methods of payment. We value our customers’ comforts, needs and demands. Safe and secure payment methods are being provided which are reliable as well as fast.
• Online payments: Customers prefer this method since it does not involve any cash payments and can be done with ease following a few simple steps. Make an online payment and complete the order. Consumers can make online payments using their debit cards, credit cards or net banking facility.
• Offline payments (COD): In case you do not have any online payment options available or would want to pay only after the product is delivered to you, Dhamaka Store offers hassle free Cash On Delivery (COD) facility on all orders. This means you can pay the amount, when you receive the product.

Customer Support

In case of any difficulty or confusion which you might face while placing an order you should always contact us at the earliest. You may seek our guidance with regard to any kind of product or service information. We would be happy to help and assist you in completing your order. Kindly call us at 080 4128 3636, visit the “Contact Us” page on Dhamaka Store’s website,the best online shopping store. Fill in your details so that one of our representatives can reach you as early as possible. Customers can also contact by e-mailing us at cc@dhamakastore.com. For immediate assistance.

Refund Policy

We hope not to dissatisfy our valued customers in any way and therefore ensure best quality products on our online shopping store. However, you may want to exchange (replace), return or cancel your orders due to misfit, colour discrepancy or some other related issues. In such cases, Dhamaka Store lets you replace or return the product within 24 hours of its delivery. Conditions and procedure for the same can be looked up in the “Refund Policy” link available on this new online shopping website.
 * No Refund and Exchange for crackers.

Franchise Opportunity

Besides being a new low cost online shopping website dealing with unimaginable offers and sales, Dhamaka Store is also a wonderful opportunity for people who want to work as franchises. It requires no specific qualification and most importantly does not involve any sort of investments. Simply register with us as an official franchise and enjoy profitable commissions by selling our products and offers. The “Franchise Opportunity” link onour top listed shopping website contains all the other details regarding this.


The above discussed benefits and advantages of Dhamaka Store attract even more buyers. We are creating many satisfied and contented consumers who place their trust on us when it comes to online shopping. Given the number of customers who regularly view our products and place orders, Dhamaka Store is a very profitable medium for sellers as well. This interaction between buyers and sellers is on the way to write a new success story.
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Note: * For Crackers MRP on the website and on the box might vary due to manufacturer constraints. However we try to give the most competitive prices for our customers