Naveen 5000 wala

Naveen 5000 wala

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The sound of crackers with the splashing of light is marvelous to watch. If you are looking for something exciting in this Diwali, then this is the perfect firework for you. The string has 5000 fireworks attached to it that make it a perfect firework to start your Diwali celebrations. So if you are looking for something exciting and something that would last for quite a period of time, then this is the perfect one for you. So get hold of the firework and have a wonderful Diwali with your friends and families. 

5000 wala - these crackers are used for  a grand celebration. These crackers last upto 3 minutes. Diwali is one such occasion. the reason why this  cracker is so much popular  is that it covers entire Street . Diwali celebration is incomplete without the busting of 5000 wala or 10000 wala crackers. once crackers are burst,  the street  is full of cracker remaining.

this shows that people who live here have celebrated Diwali. Care must be taken  when you deal with these  fireworks, these firecrackers  jump around. The people must be at a safe distance from  these crackers.A suitable dry place must be chosen for such crackers.  even after the celebrations are done, people should always wear footwear in the area of celebration. First aid must always be kept ,there is Always chances of burns.

This Crackers not really appropriate for birthday celebration.  they're good for wedding celebrations   these crackers  are really good for Ganesha Chaturthi, especially when the  Ganesha is lifted  of  to the lake. when the Ganesha is lifted off there is lot of doll and dancing. people in India I really fond of this festival. the celebrations at this time of the Year are grand.

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