Standard Rainbow Fog

Standard/ Supreme Rainbow Fog

  • ₹ 780
  • Save - ₹ 1,000

Soundless colour smoke crackers, It's Awesome for the evening during Diwali.It is the most widely bought cracker during any festival involving fireworks. A cracker for everyone and every occasion. They brightens up the festive mood of everyone with its splendid swirl of sparks. 

Rainbow fog is a specially designed product which is used for the bringing out attractive colours to the air. It is not a regular cracker which has a huge sound when lit. In fact it is generally not considered a cracker at all.

This product is a pack of four different colours, which will burn and bring out beautiful smoke to the air around you.

Rainbow fog which is manufactured by the standard firework limited, sivakasi is a product which is also used in Holy. Holy; a festival of colours also associates itself with rainbow fog. The product when lit gives out a dense fume to the air around. This is widely underrated product in this field.

Rainbow fog has now found a new way into the market. This field is photography. Photographers today want something new to explore. Rainbow fog has been a very good choice,as it gives edited view to the photo. The colorful foreground is also one of the most pleasing things for any photographers.

The others way one can use a rainbow fog is during a local festival in the village or a town. The people of India have a lot of local festival, reserved only for a small stretch of land.


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