Standard Paradise 250 shots firecrackers

Standard Paradise 250 shots firecrackers

  • ₹ 4,500
  • Save - ₹ 17,044

Get ready to light up the night’s sky with a continuous barrage of colours. Browse a range of single ignition displays which are ready to go by just lighting one fuse! Choose 250 Shots single ignition displays in all the colours of the Rainbow. Standard Fireworks Official Online crackers shop offers products at Direct Company Price with FREE SHIPPING and Home Delivery throughout Karnataka.

250 shots are one of the expensive crackers features available in the market these are used for bigger occasions. But Dhamaka Store has an equally higher discount on this product.  These crackers can be used during wedding ceremonies birthday parties Deepavali and Ganesh Chaturthi.  Such products are also called cakes. a lot of care must be taken while placing these products there should not be any trees in the surrounding 20  yards. since they are vertical crackers it should be placed on a plane ground.  The size of the cake is 37 inches to 7 inches. cake contains 250 individual smaller  3/4 inch shots. All these 250 shots are connected by a wire.The wire is lit at the middle portion.Simultaneously lights out both sides.  this Firework has  seven different colours in total. each firecracker is 7 inches long . this crackers go up to 300 feet in the air. this is usually the showstopper, after all the celebrations are done this cracker is leaked on and enjoyed leisurely. this is ultimate fun one can have during Diwali. Such  crackers now a days has become more popular during wedding, Ganesha Chaturthi and birthday parties.

Dhamaka store have two different types of 250 shots one from Supreme and one from standard Brand. 250 shots crackers price in ranges from  4000 to 4500 rupees . Anybody looking to buy such a 250 shots  online knows that the dhamakastore is the best place to visit.

Take all the safety measures during the festival and anytime you  deal with cracker, because safety is priority. Dhamaka store wishes you a pleasant Experience shopping online.

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